Our certifications include:

  • DBE
  • WOSB
  • SBE
  • CBE

Approved NAICS Codes:

30007109 Building construction management
30006887 Management development
30003720 Management education and training services
30004385 Document management software
30007092 Project based communications service
30003537 Project management
30006877 Project administration or planning
30006867 Organizational structure consultation
30008352 Urban project or program administration or management services
30003567 Stakeholder management and relations services
30003538 Industrial management

30005953 Natural gas compressor station construction service
30003394 Highway and road construction services
30003536 Business and corporate management consultation services
30005938 Highway and road new construction service
30007096 Change management communication and advisory service
30008287 Social problems analysis or management services
30005954 Oil and gas pipeline construction service
30006868 Information technology consultation services
30005967 Underground utilities construction service
30008344 Urban development planning services
30005937 Liquid natural gas LNG plant construction service